Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Momma and her kid (Enchantment Lakes, Aug. 3rd)
These all white creatures with their black, beady eyes, staring straight into my soul.. Mountain goats are eerily stoic, which make them creepy. I've decided that I don't like mountain goats anymore - or at least the ones in the Enchantments.

When we reached the top of Asgard Pass and started traversing the Enchantment Lakes, we saw so many goats. It was cool at first, to see a momma goat and her little kid chomping on the shrubs, but one too many times, they would stop and turn their heads and look me straight in the eyes. I swear to god, it was the creepiest thing. I like to believe they were only staring at me out of all the friends in my group. After a little stare down, the goats would start to walk towards us real slowly. One time, a momma goat got a little defensive and almost charged us. I used my friend Sam as a human shield which was pretty hilarious, but come on..That goat was out to get me. Here are a few pics I shot of these sinister mammals:

Comin' for me..
In all, it was a good, long haul all 18 miles through the lakes. We actually got lost and climbed the wrong boulder field near Asgard Pass which took about 1.5 hours of our time. The end decline took forever and the parking lot finish seemed to never come. After 15 hours in the wilderness, we'd hiked roughly 20 miles. That trail, those enchanted lakes.. Epic. I encourage you to check this place out, although maybe don't do it in a day and get a night permit.

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