Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mountaineering Necessities

My lovely boyfriend treated me to an early birthday present and helped me buy some good quality hiking boots. Finally! If I'm trying to climb mountains, I must spend some good money on a hearty pair of boots. The boots I chose are a hybrid type - good for hiking here as well as mountaineering because they'll fit well into a universal crampon. They're very stiff with a hard toe cover, which is good, but I'm a little worried for the first time I hike in them. The guy who helped me at REI said that they would be perfect for my quest to summit all five volcanoes in Washington because they're gore-tex lined and the hard leather will make them waterproof and durable. That's really all I want, some good boots that will last me a long time. Stoked to climb Baker with them soon. Mammot Brecon II - REI ($230)    ➜

Ooooh I also finally got a two person backpacking tent. It will do well for my adventures as it's super lightweight at 4 lbs. It's pretty delicate, however. The whole inner lining is a thin mesh net and then the water proof outer layer goes over it for more protection from the elements. This tent is definitely ideal for summer and warmer seasons. I think if I start doing more alpine climbing I'd like to get a sturdier tent. I love this little guy though, it fits two people nicely and is in a very nice orange color. Make sure to check out this site, The Clymb,  that I bought this tent from and occasionally buy other outdoor gear from. 100% legit! ⬆ Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 2 - The Clymb ($130) 


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