Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas Tree Hunting and Hatchet Throwing

A couple days ago, Hunter and I trekked out to North Bend to find a Christmas tree for our apartment. You can get a permit that allows you to legally cut down a tree in the Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest throughout the Christmas season. Permits for 12' and below trees are $10 and >12' are $12. Get them at REI or your local Ranger Station. Go venture out this season and find yourself a manly wild tree, the northwest is the perfect place for that. It took us about two hours of exploring until we found a suitable candidate. Check out my videos below from when we got distracted from our mission and decided to throw the hatchet around.

Hatchet Throwing Take One from Kelley Bayern on Vimeo.

Hatchet Throwing Take Two from Kelley Bayern on Vimeo.

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