Thursday, February 12, 2015

What if I started my own company?

I tend to browse a lot of climbing sites, mainly to shop for new gear and such. But every once in a while I'll stumble upon some PNW mountaineering/outdoor company selling an opportunity to summit a mountain for a crap ton of money. (Check out this adventure for sale that I found.)

I guess this would be enticing for the older persons with the money to buy an adventure. I'm imagining a 25 or 30 year old guy impulsively buying this opportunity because he's sick of his mundane life in the office.

But what are you really paying for? Safety techniques, experience, adventure, excitement, self-justification? I'm starting to wonder if there's really a market for this type of business, and in the PNW with the Cascades right there, I'm sure there is. Makes me feel like I could start my own business doing this. I'd call it Bear Guides - as in I am Bear guiding you up the mountain. I already have friends begging to take them with me the next mountain I climb. Part of me wants to say "Maybe I will if you pay me $625!"

Me at the summit of Mt. Baker in July 2014
I was fortunate enough to summit Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker without selling my leg and spending only about $100 for rented gear and travel costs for each trip. But I will say I really had no clue what I was doing when I summited my first mountain, Mt. Rainier, back in August 2013. I managed to summit with all the wrong gear, e.g. a gym harness, rainboots - not snowboots, and no ice safety training until we roped up and started our ascent to 7000' feet. I probably could have died, but I was up for the challenge. I'd done some online research beforehand and went with friends who somewhat knew what they were doing and motivated me to the top. I guess this isn't safe, thus you should buy an opportunity to summit with an expert or someone who knows what they're doing like me? There's that market for this type of business I was talking about. Maybe I'll start my own company, but then I'd feel like a crook.

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