Saturday, March 28, 2015

Buying My First Car

The North Face Originator
Today felt like how I will feel when I buy my first car. I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time, and even though I didn't actually buy a car today, I bought something else I've wanted for years - my perfect mountaineering jacket. After months of research between brands, what I needed in a jacket, and figuring out what was in my price range, I settled on this baby to the right. Check out the recently released 2015 FuseForm Originator Jacket by The North Face. That title is sooo nerdy to say, but this jacket is pretty technical and badass. The North Face is marketing their brand new FuseForm fabric weaving technology that makes these jackets especially durable and light. They weaved together two types of cloth to make the fabric 100% waterproof. The jacket is also a piece of origami, where the entire thing is folded from a single sheet of their special fabric. It is also pretty thin and wearable over your other technical layers.

The Originator is in their Summit Series line and meant more for mountaineering and extreme weather conditions. The North Face did released a bunch of lighter FuseForm rain jackets that are pretty cool and are $100 less. But these are more meant for a walk through town or a day hike, something like that. And I know that because I went to The North Face store and talked to an employee about these jackets for a while haha. In all, I think I will be pretty happy with this guy and I can't wait to test it out. It is in the average person's price range at $300, unlike Arc'teryx's jackets (which I heavily contemplated), and was practically free with my REI dividends and an extra 20% off.

I kind of laugh at myself when I write this post because I am completely geeking out about a jacket and it's probably not as interesting to people as a post about summiting a mountain would be. No shame here though. You can imagine how I'll be when I'm thinking about buying my first car. Already did that research though.. and will eventually buy an all white two-door late 2000's Jeep Wrangler. Oooooh yeah baby. ⤲

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