Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bear Pancakes Grrrrr

Aside from epic outdoor excursions, I spend a lot of time in my kitchen experimenting with foods and meal prepping so I'm prepared to eat healthy for the week ahead. Sounds pretty cheesy, but I'm one of those people that focuses on counting my calories and having macro goals. Protein, Carbs, Fat. The trifecta.

As seen on Shark Tank!
Anyways, I was walking through Costco a few months ago and picked up a 5 lbs box of Kodiak Cakes Protein Packed Flapjack & Waffle Mix. I pretty much got it because there was a bear on the front of the box and the design was so badass. And protein pancakes? Waaaah? I looked at the macros and they weren't bad. 190 cals, 30g carbs, 14g protein, 2g fat per serving. Can do! I've been cooking these pancakes for a while now. I am obsessed with them and have actually already finished the 5 lbs box. Looks like Kodiak Cakes have been doing pretty well too. They're trending on Instagram in the fitness world, congrats to them. I love them so much that I literally want to hoard every box of Kodiak Cakes I see. I was on the lookout for another box when an idea hit me. Why don't I make my own version? I should at least give it a try before I spend more money on pancakes. So I took some time experimenting and I am happy to share my own successful protein pancake recipe! I give you bear pancakes:

Bear Pancakes
makes one serving, roughly 2 good sized pancakes

1/8 cup         all-purpose flour
1/4 cup         quick oats
3 Tbsp           whey protein*
2 Tbsp           egg whites
1/2 tsp          baking powder
1/2 tsp          stevia (optional)
pinch             salt
splash           vanilla extract

Mix everything in a bowl and add a splash of water to thin it out to pancake consistency. Divide into two pancakes when cooking. 

Macros per serving: 215 cals, 29g carbs, 19g protein, 1g fat - Flawlessssss

My bear cakes. PB2 is God.
I've been eating these pancakes for the past week and haven't had any withdrawals. Because of the oats, it has a slight nutty texture which I love in my breads and such. I've added pumpkin or flax seeds too, or a pinch of cinnamon and it was awesome. 

*The whey protein I added was not the typical protein powder you make shakes with. I bought this straight up whey protein powder with no additives from the "buy in bulk" section at the grocery store. So if you cannot find this or will use your everyday shake protein powder, it may change the texture and the macros. But I would give it a shot! Highly encourage you don't use chocolate or cookies and cream flavored.. Or do and let me know how it goes haha.

The Wallula Gap near Walla Walla
As for my outdoor adventures, I've been climbing so much lately. I've been figuring out and applying new climbing techniques and getting a lot stronger. I can tell. I'm now leading 5.9's and climbing 5.10a's in the gym and a few outdoor. The weather is slowly getting better too and my friends are more inclined to make spontaneous trips with me to The Gap. Vantage is also on the menu. There is even better climbing out there but it's about an hour away. I'm still pretty thankful for this area with accessible climbing just 30 minutes from my place. ⤲

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