Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pancake Failure

Kodiak Cakes, PB2, and Walden Farm's Syrup. Theee go-to
It turns out that the awesome pancake recipe I created in a blog post below is actually a lie. And I've never been more bummed about pancakes before.. For someone who loves a good sweet bread, the recipe was spot on as a healthy alternative to a sugary and fat-filled breakfast meal. And it's all a LIE. :'(

I realized my mistake when I was getting low on protein powder. I keep a jar of it on my kitchen counter for easy access when pancake making. So I got home from the grocery store to refill my jar, and saw that something about the texture was off. Not a big deal, I thought. Moisture in the jar probably changed the texture, but I was starting to get a little nervous.. Could my Bear Pancakes be too good to be true?

The next morning I decided test the newly bought protein powder and whip up a batch of my cakes. Instantly, I knew I'd gone wrong. The cakes were extremely hard and dense. I still ate it by turning the pancakes into bread for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but I cried a little while eating it. 

Still stubborn, I went back to Winco to check out the bulk section to figure out what I'd mistaken as protein powder.. and I figured it out. It was god damn almond meal. They are the same colors with similar textures. I attempted to make macarons the other week, which uses the almond meal, so it all made sense. And even my macaron cookies didn't turn out, so I must have completely switched the two. You can find a picture of them on Twitter (@hurricanekelley) to see for yourself haha. 

Jet is excited
Sigh.. some things are too good to be true. But as it turns out, Kodiak Cakes, are simply amazing. I don't know how they maintain that fluffy texture with all that protein but they will do the trick. I snuck into Costco the other day and bought another 5lb box of the pancake mix. I add egg whites to the mix when making them which brings them to almost the exact macros of my Bear Pancakes. That'll do. Kodiak Cakes for the win! But of course, my Bear Pancake recipe is still a delicious recipe and I will probably make them again.

Next up on my outdoor adventures: The weather is getting much nicer out here so my friends and I will soon take a trip out to Vantage for some good outdoor climbing. I'm now up to leading 5.9's. Also excited to climb Glacier Peak over Memorial Day Weekend with a good group of people. It'll be a long hike in and an exhausting two/three day trip. A blog on that soon to come ⤲

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