Friday, May 13, 2016

Gone Fishin'

Those tri-city sunsets..
Wow, the beauty of the Tri-Cities really pops out when we hit the spring and summer seasons. Say hello to amazing sunsets every night off the river with temperatures in the 80's hanging on until 9pm. I'm so happy living here. I just hit my one year anniversary at KEPR Action News and I'm thinking "Oh no.. I only have one year left." I've got to make the most of it.

Bateman Island, Kennewick
I had a few fishing poles lying around my place so I picked up my fishing license a month ago and decided to tackle the Great Columbia. My goal is to catch a seven foot sturgeon, but that probably won't ever happen. I did do an interview with a bow-fisherman last summer and scored four carp off his boat with a bow and arrow. That was too fun! But what I am trying to do is some good ol' fishing off Bateman Island. My good friend Justin from work and I headed to the island one Sunday morning to see what was up. We had no idea what we were doing. Just strapped on a hook and a pink little grub and threw out our lines. There were multiple people fishing, including a nice man and his daughters and dog sitting on shore next to us. He was waist deep chucking out his line almost 30 feet further than us. His bucket had a few bass in it already.

After a lot of unsuccessful casts, I was getting bored. Fishing is lame. I'm done. Time for lunch. The nice man noticed our struggles and walked over to us. He gave both of us heavier and larger hooks so that our lines would cast out further into the river, along with fat greenish grubs and said that would do the trick. Alright sir! Let's gooo!

Nuner about to hook a fish!
Justin hooked up the lines and we were casting them out. Within five minutes Justin caught his first fish.. There is just something so exciting and so satisfying about catching a wild foreign alien thing from a hook and pole. When he pulled the bass out of the water I just couldn't believe it. It's a fish! Is this real life? This is awesome.

My turn was up, within a minute I hooked my little bass. It was smaller than Justin's but so awesome to see. I learned I have a fear of touching a live fish so Justin dealt with releasing them back into the river. Fishing is incredibly easy and accessible out here along the Columbia and I can't wait to get out there more. I've already gone a second time and hooked another one. So.. watch out all you bass fish, there's a bear out there coming' for ya.

Glacer Peak
Fishin' selfie
The next outdoor adventure is near. In just two weeks, over Memorial Day Weekend, I'll be out with a solid group of friends and mountaineers trying to summit Glacier Peak. I've been training hard with lots of cardio and lifts. My legs feel strong and I plan to do a few ruck runs up Badger Mountain before I head out. This hike will be especially long because we have about 12 miles of traversing the terrain before we hit the base of the mountain. I'm excited because I'll get to test out my land navigation skills with my new GPS. The hike in will take a night, with the entire trip taking at least two. This will hopefully be my fourth summit of the five volcanoes in Washington. Mt. Adams is the only one left which I'll do over this summer. Hoping for a good weather window over Memorial Day Weekend. Wish us luck. ⤲

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