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Hello,  welcome to my personal website, The Northwest Bear! I am, in fact, not a bear. Rather an explorer who can't help but imagine herself as bear while hiking through the Northern Cascades of Washington. Why do I venture out there you ask? I love the wilderness and how everything becomes so simple once you enter in it. One foot in front of the next, just like a bear, until you've reached a good spot to enjoy the views.

I've seen many bears in my life, probably more bears than one person will see in their entire lifetime. From the Naknek, Alaskan grizzlies, the Blackcomb black bears in Whistler, to the baby black bear I watched stumble down to our trail near Ross Lake - it is a luxury to be so close to nature and these creatures who own it. I hope to continue my adventures throughout the Cascades, much like the bears that dwell and roam there, and capture all parts of this beautiful region to share them with you all.

I graduated from the University of Washington in June 2014 where I studied the Atmospheric Sciences and mathematics. I work as a broadcast meteorologist and reporter for KEPR Action News in the Tri-Cities, Washington. I am beyond excited for the opportunity to explore the areas of Eastern Washington, a place I am very unfamiliar with. Goodbye for now to the lush green trees, snowy mountains, and rain. I am in the desert now and very, very excited. ⤲

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